Norwegian Folk Museum

Norwegian Folk Museum (Museumsbeien 10, Oslo) – this open-air museum, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, showcases an impressive collection of traditional buildings from all over Norway (over 155), as well as traditional costumes (known locally as bunad).

The museum’s indoor exhibits show traditional handicraft items, folk costumes, Sami culture, weapons, toys, pharmaceutical history and other historic artifacts.   During the Summer, you can experience lefse baking, horse and carriage rides, feeding of the animals, guided tours, handicraft demonstrations and much more.   The museum hosts events such as folk dancing, exhibitions, baking, church services, markets, and arts and crafts activities.  Admission:  NOK 110 (adult), NOK 85 (seniors / students), NOK 30 (children 6 years and above); free for children under 6 years.  Hours:  11 am – 3 pm (Mon.-Fri.), 11 am – 4 pm (Sat. – Sun.).  See the Museum’s website for more deta