Sami Country Excursions

Sami Country Excursions (northern Norway) – those travelers who opt to visit the northern regions of Norway (in part to see the “Northern Lights”) will also come across the country’s indigenous people, the Sami.  The Sami people are also known as Lapps, but prefer to be called Samis.  Their culture has been developing in Northern Scandinavia since the arrival of the first people 11,000 years ago. The Sami were at one with nature, and lived in tents (lavvo) and turf huts whilst they followed the reindeer.  Reindeer herding is still central to Sami culture, even to this day, and crucial to the subsistence of the Sami, providing meat, fur and transportation.

The town of Karasjok is the capital of this community.  One place to partake in the local culture & history is Sápmi Culture Park.  This is a great place to hear the Sami joik, eat Sami food, meet Sami people, purchase Sami souvenirs, visit Sami dwellings and get acquainted with the Sami’s best friend – the ubiquitous reindeer.  The best times to visit this part of Norway are during the Easter period – where local religious events take place, along with the Sami Grand Prix, the annual reindeer race, and other events such as concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions.

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